August 11, 2020

Things You Can Gift to A DJ

If your friend is an aspiring DJ, the chances are that he or she may not have the best equipment to work with. They may be missing some of the components that can complete their setup. When your DJ friend gives you free entries to their show and takes you to the best parties, you need to return the favour in some way. You can plan on gifting them something that they can use in their sets, and this list will help you with some ideas.




Slipmats are discs made of a soft fabric that is placed under records before placing the vinyl on it. They are pretty much affordable and can help your DJ friend to get an additional pair of these. You can even get customized slipmats where you can print your friend’s logo or an interesting design to make it unique.

Rotary knobs

These cool knobs can customize the turntable and make it even cooler. Generally, the knobs on any turntable have the basic design as they are designed for convenience. You can give them custom knobs that come in different shapes and designs, and it will cheer them up in a moment.


If there is one thing that’s an absolute must for a Dj to do well it’s an amazing set of headphones.  There are a million different options, but not all sound the same or are created equal.  You’ll want to pay attention to what style Dj your friend is and then pick headphones based on that.

USB sticks

The DJs often need to work with their music and transfer it to different systems and offices. Even though we have cloud transfer today, the DJs will still prefer a USB stick that can be handy and quick. They can store their mixes and gigs and easily transfer them to different laptops. A bunch of cool or standard looking UBS sticks can be a good option to gift to your DJ friend.

Melodics software

If you are thinking of something pricey, you can treat the finger drumming hobby of your DJ friend. Most of the beginner DJs learn finger drumming from other DJs through their videos but finding all the information in one place is difficult. Melodics is free to use software that helps the DJs to learn finger drumming. There is also a paid version for Melodics that you can gift to a DJ.

Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

The DJs often struggle to find the right place for their laptop on the set. Instead, they can use a good laptop stand to make space for their laptop themselves. While it is not the first thing that they would want to buy, it is something that you can gift them to solve a very crucial need.


Every DJ likes to get the best clips of the events they perform at. While there is cameraperson around the DJ covering the best shots, a DJ also needs a camera that can monitor their performance so they can make notes to improve. Having an HD webcam to fix on the laptop will help them in recording their entire set and even use the clips for their vlogs.


Gift to A DJ
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