Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Modders

The use of a modified lightweight electric wheelchair in sports is gaining prominence as it allows physically challenged persons to integrate themselves in daily recreational activities. These sports are an exhilarating addition for players who have since embraced their condition and are learning to live positively. Some of the sports that use electric wheelchairs include electric wheelchair hockey, basketball and football. Due to the popularity of these games, different countries have different organizations and communities that cater for the needs of electric wheelchair players.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair ModdersTypically, such organizations have a specific period or set days of the week when the sports are held at a pre-established venue. Due to the nature of the sports, there is almost always a fee that accompanies joining the organization. Organization such as these provide more information when interested parties contact them through the provided channels of communication. More importantly, such communities outline the kind of electric wheelchair to be used.

For instance, some will recommend a standard lightweight electric wheelchair with no accessories fitted. This offers uniformity that gives every player level playing ground. In some cases, the choice organization includes the addition of one or two basic accessories, say a foot guard. Whichever the case, these communities play an integral role in caring for the physically challenged while keeping them active and allowing them to lead lives as normally as they can. It is clear that electric wheelchairs have come a long way, and the future certainly looks brighter for wheelchair users who would like to remain active.

Racers of Portable Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchair sports were the result of a campaign to destroy the fallacy that physically challenged persons did not have a right to engage in sports events or even hold competitions that would meet their needs. Today, the world of wheelchair sports is very much alive. Participants are varied and include individuals who were either born that way, or suffered disability as they grew up. Whichever the case, different wheelchair sports have gained popularity over the years. As a general guide, most of these sports follow the rules and regulations of the normal sports, but are modified to address the unique challenges faced by wheelchair users. The first and most obvious, is the inclusion of a portable electric wheelchair.

Racers of Portable Electric WheelchairWhile some sports require the use of a standard wheelchair, users are gradually shifting to electric wheelchairs as they are easier to control. This has given rise to electric wheelchair sports (done as a way to differentiate between sports that use manual wheelchairs and those that use powered wheelchairs). There are several differences between regular electric wheelchairs and sports electric wheelchairs. The first difference between the two is that the latter’s wheels are angled to make them more stable.

In addition to this, portable electric wheelchair used in sports will typically have a sturdier frame. The purpose of this sturdiness is to ensure that the impact of the games is absorbed effectively while the player remains safe and stable. By incorporating unique designs into the design of sports wheelchairs, disabled individuals can live to the fullest in unique ways.

The Sports Behind Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchair sports have grown impressively in the last few decades, and this has created a unique market for the lightweight electric wheelchair. This motorized mobility aid is loved for its ease of use during the different sports. There are a number of sports that individuals can play on this wheelchair. This include table tennis, tennis, bowling and hockey. Wheelchair basketball games have also come into the limelight, allowing wheelchair users to live up their dreams. Wheelchair racing is a popular sport that has since been integrated into different forums across the globe.

The Sports Behind Lightweight Electric WheelchairIt is important to mention that in sports where a lightweight electric wheelchair is used, the structure of the wheelchair is tweaked slightly to provide optimal performance. The reason for this is that a number of these sports involve moderate speed and occasional bumping. A modified power wheelchair goes a long way in providing stability for the player while ensuring their safety.

Some wheelchair companies have taken on the challenge following the increase in popularity of lightweight electric wheelchairs. This has seen new entrants in the design and development of custom sport wheelchairs. The idea of customization is to create a mobility aid that is both effective and functional yet reducing the cost of wear and tear. Users must, however, make sure that customization is followed through with regular practice of their favorite sport. Failure to do this beats the logic of paying for wheelchair customization. All in all, the growth of the wheelchair sports industry is a force to reckon with.

Mobile Apps for your Portable Electric Wheelchair

The use of applications by wheelchair users has grown exponentially in the recent past, thanks to the rapid growth of mobile technology. One such app is known as Wheely. Wheely is the brainchild of Anthony Driscoll. Driscoll admits to having been inspired to develop the app after touring with his dad, a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient who uses a motorized wheelchair to help him carry out his daily duties. According to Driscoll, relocating to the ‘Big Apple’ came with its plate of challenges whenever his parents visited him. Spending time finding out the ideal and easiest route for his dad to use on the wheelchair birthed the idea of developing an app that would help many more wheelchair users globally.

Mobile Apps for your Portable Electric WheelchairWheely is an app that helps portable electric wheelchair users get their way around New York by giving details on accessible subway routes. Since this information is verified and inculcated into Google Maps for users in NYC, it is a reliable and effective way of letting wheelchair users savor some bit of independence. What’s more, Wheely shows the precise location of elevators, making them easy to pinpoint. Wheelchair users also have the option of settling for push notifications, a unique feature that improves the dependability of such mobile apps.

The fact that Wheel has chosen to create awareness about disability paves the way for other app developers across the world. Since Wheely is New-York based, this platform offers a perfect opportunity for developers in other parts of the world to come up with something that is as practical as it is efficient for a portable electric wheelchair.

Modern Advancement in Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Various corporations worldwide have invested in different ways to reach out to the community of wheelchair users if only to make their lives simpler. One perfect example of a giant corporation reaching out to this special group of persons is Google. Back in 2013, Google facilitated a competition for app developers to come up with an innovative approach on how Google Glass may be used to improve the lives of people around the world. One of the most amazing ideas was proposed by Steve McHugh, an American mechanical engineer.

Modern Advancement in Lightweight Electric WheelchairMcHugh envisioned the use of Google Glass by wheelchair users to ascertain their immediate environment. This would be made possible by the use of an eye tracker that would notify wheelchair users on the presence of obstacles and impediments in their way. When functional, Google Glass would be a handy addition to the lightweight electric wheelchair if McHugh’s ideas were anything to go by. This innovative idea brought together wheelchair designers and the brains behind the idea.

While the idea is still yet to be executed commercially, it holds great promise for wheelchair users because it enhances their experience, and certainly makes their lifestyle easier. When this idea is fully implemented, it will be possible to control the lightweight electric wheelchair simply by looking at the pre-set control buttons for a pre-determined period of time. This act gives a user insight into different details such as their speed, remaining battery capacity as well as the presence of obstacles in the vicinity.

The Future of Portable Electric Wheelchair

The idea of a futuristic portable electric wheelchair is not far-fetched if the progress made in technology is anything to go by. One of the designs that has gained ground in the recent past is the use of a blue-tooth linked electric wheelchair. The incorporation of Bluetooth technology is meant to enhance the flexibility of using the electric wheelchair while making it possible for the user to be independent. For this to work effectively, it requires the installation of handy accessories on the wheelchair. This bluetooth device will then be equipped with dual ports.

The Future of Portable Electric WheelchairThe purpose of the dual ports is to facilitate for the sending and transmission of Bluetooth signals. Typically, the device is connected to a different device that will make the Bluetooth signals legible. As a futuristic design, the technology is meant to allow the user to effortlessly execute a set of commands that they would not ordinarily manage to in a standard wheelchair. This set of commands is numbered to make it easy for the users to follow through.

The beauty about futuristic designs such as the use of a Bluetooth inspired portable electric wheelchair is that it can easily be linked to a wide range of electronic devices. These range from televisions to smartphones laptops and even other medical devices. There is no telling just how much can be accomplished with Bluetooth technology. For the sake of the physically challenged, tech gurus and wheelchair designers continue to work hand in hand to implement these amazing features.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair – Behind the Technology

The lightweight electric wheelchair forms the basis for futuristic designs in the wheelchair industry. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, including the fact that technology is the way to go in the present digital world. The use of modern technology makes it possible for a lightweight power wheelchair to be folded up in record time and stored away, whether one is taking an interstate road trip or a long flight. Additionally, most of the modern designs in recent times have been able to cater for plus-size individuals while maintaining a lightweight and foldable structure.

Behind the TechnologySome brands of the lightweight electric wheelchair feature detachable seats and seat covers, allowing ease of portability. This lightweight mobility aid product also has two-wheeled brushless motors that have been known to be way more effective than their brushed counterparts. In addition to these unique features, extra accessories may be added to ensure the wheelchair is custom made for the specific client. One of the traits of the lightweight power chair is that it is more durable, and in the long run, requires less maintenance.

These positive attributes make the lightweight electric wheelchair perfect for a template that gives a peek into futuristic designs and how they can be enhanced for the users’ benefit. It is important to remember that, just as with other mobility aid products, it helps to know what to look out for prior to purchasing the choice wheelchair. With various advancements in the technology sector, mobility aid users remain hopeful for practical and highly effective products.

Insuring your Portable Electric Wheelchair

Getting wheelchair insurance often allows disabled persons significant peace of mind in the event that their wheelchair either suffers damage or is stolen. It is important for individuals shopping for wheelchair insurance to realize that generally, the cost of insuring a portable electric wheelchair is higher than the standard wheelchair. This is often determined by the capital invested into manufacturing the wheelchair. With this knowledge, users should understand what a wheelchair insurance policy would cover for.

insurance wheelchairMost wheelchair insurance companies provide cover for vandalism, injury to the wheelchair user and damage. For the latter, a number of insurance companies will incorporate breakdown cover services to make it convenient for the wheelchair user. A number of companies have also invested in insuring the portable electric wheelchair of choice by covering extended warranty. To take advantage of these features, it is advisable to shop patiently for the ideal wheelchair insurance company that meets one’s need.

As a general guide, most wheelchair insurance covers will have a pre-determined duration during which the policy will be in effect. This may range from one year to three years, often on condition that the portable electric wheelchair is purchased when brand new. A number of companies offer insurance for used/second-hand wheelchairs, but the period during which the cover is active differs significantly. Some insurance covers have taken to offering adaptable covers all of which are designed to benefit the user. These insightful tips are an excellent way to get the best of insurance covers for one’s electric wheelchair.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

For many physically challenged individuals, the use of a light weight electric wheelchair is a sure way to gain independence as well as savor their own freedom, albeit to a certain degree. This is why, theft or damage of the wheelchair brings with it seemingly insurmountable challenges. For this reason, wheelchair insurance has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. The realization that there is an untapped market in the mobility aid industry has created a new platform for players in the industry to offer wheelchair insurance.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair insuranceThe importance of wheelchair insurance is evident in events that either cause damage to the wheelchair, or result in theft of the same. There are a couple of companies that offer insurance covers for wheelchairs, but this is dependent on the specific region one is in. Prior to choosing the wheelchair insurance company of choice, it is important to carry out adequate market research to see what is available. This not only helps one make the right choice, it also ensures that one prepares a proper budget. The latter is critical because depending on the package, the cost of insuring a lightweight electric wheelchair may differ remarkably from the cost of insuring a manual one.

For physically challenged individuals who have other insurance covers such as health and home insurance, it helps to find out whether the pre-existent covers cater for a lightweight electric wheelchair. This constitutes part of the research prior to paying for the cover. Wheelchair insurance is an amazing product altogether for peace of mind.

Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair

For a long time, wheelchairs that accommodate large individuals were hard to come by, unless they were custom-made. Customized wheelchairs, as it is well-known, tend to cost a lot more than the average wheelchair sold at wheelchair stores. This spurred Portashopper into designing a product that would accommodate those who are plus size. Enter the Portashopper Grand Portable Electric wheelchair. This mobility aid product is best known for accommodating up to 280 lbs, certainly no mean feat.
To accommodate this weight with ease, Portashopper designed the wheelchair so that its rear wheels are bigger. They measure 12”, and this ensures that the user’s weight is distributed evenly on the wheelchair’s frame. What’s more, the Portashopper Grand Portable electric Wheelchair is powered by 250W, thanks to the presence of the gear motors. These features make the mobility aid a convenient product altogether. Whether the wheelchair is intended for indoor use, or is purchased to make it possible for one to enjoy the natural outdoors in the parks, it makes for an excellent choice.

Contrary to popular belief, the Portashopper Portable Electric wheelchair posts some impressive speeds of up to 6.8 miles per hour. This feat is made possible by the unique quad-spring suspension system that allows comfort even on rough surfaces in the outdoors. For individuals who find it tricky to get wheelchairs that suit them, Portashopper has the solution in the form of the grand portable wheelchair. Shoppers get to enjoy shipping worldwide, making Portashopper the choice company when it comes to mobility aid products.